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Knowledgeable Tutors

We match students with smart tutors who have succeeded in the classes they tutor in. If, once matched, you have an issue with your tutor, we can always re-match. Just email us to let us know.

Service Hours

Tutoring with TJPT is free, and tutors are compensated for their help with service hours. This allows students to get the help they need, while providing tutors with incentive to tutor frequently. Tutors give their students' contact information over X2VOL, and tutees verify hours.

Immediate, Flexible Help

Tutors are matched to students based on schedule, class, and frequency of tutoring. We carefully pair to ensure all students' needs are met, and offer a variety of options including tutoring over video chat and message. Eighth period groups are also available for some subjects.


By the Numbers:

Over 350 different students involved

Over 20% of the TJ student body helped

Over 100 repeat sign-ups with a significant portion as tutors in one subject and tutees in another

From Tutees:

"My friends all want the link to sign up since I'm no longer failing physics :')"

"I’ve used TJ Peer Tutoring specifically for physics, and it has honestly helped me so much. From working through web assign with me to helping me understand concepts and examples from class, my tutor has been great. I am so glad that Peer Tutoring exists and I would urge anybody struggling in a class to sign up!"

"I think Peer Tutoring is an awesome idea because who better to teach you a subject than someone your age who has been through the exact same course and understands the struggles of your situation. Personally, physics was a class unlike anything i taken before; i struggled tremendously and felt more or less hopeless, with nobody I could really turn to. Being part of the Peer Tutoring program definitely helped. My tutor explained the way to approach problems that I previously had no idea how to even start, and I have since grown a bit more confident in the subject and my success in the class has gone up as well."

From Tutors:

"Tutoring is the best way to study for people who don't like studying; if your tutee asks you something you don't know, you look it up, and suddenly the time-value of your work is doubled because you're helping another person! Also it just kinda feels nice helping someone appreciate a subject you like. Service hours too! Incredible value!"

"TJ Peer Tutoring has helped me not only have fun teaching concepts to students, but also in renewing my own knowledge, and helping the community through the whole process"

"This is a great opportunity to help fellow students learn a subject that you enjoy. In fact, it is often said that teaching is the true test of whether you fully understand something. When someone asks you a question, if you are unable to answer, then it is likely that you do not truly understand the topic. No need to fret though! You simply have to review your misunderstandings and then teach it to your tutee. There are few experiences as rewarding as tutoring someone and seeing them expand their knowledge in a subject you love."


How often will tutors be expected to tutor?

After we pair tutors/tutees, it will be up to the tutor and tutee to communicate amongst themselves to find times when they are both available to meet. This can be during lunch, JLC, 8th period, online through FB chat/google hangout, etc. We have found that tutees mostly just want a session right before an upcoming assessment. In cases where tutors are not able to meet when their tutee wants help, we’ve been able to find another tutor to help out.

Where does tutoring take place?

Can take place anywhere that tutor/tutee pair agree on. This can be in school or online outside of school. We will also sometimes have “walk-in sessions” where tutors and tutees can meet in once place in the school during lunch, JLC, or 8th period to have tutoring sessions.

How do I claim hours if I am a tutor?

If you are a tutor claiming your hours on x2VOL, you should list the tutee's email for Activity Contact. That will send an email to your tutee, and then he/she can confirm that you tutored for the length of time you indicated.

What do I do if I tutored someone and it isn’t an official Peer Tutoring pair?

GREAT. This is the type of environment we are trying to foster. You can claim hours on x2VOL if both the tutor and tutee are under any one of the Peer Tutoring programs and the hours are mutually agreed between the tutor and tutee.



Mia Yang, Sabrina Cai

Subject Coordinators:

Jing Liu, Neha Kulshreshtha, Sheryn Livingstone


Forrest Meng


Prithvi Nathan

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